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Ryan Davies - St. Boniface


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Age: 34

Obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Political Studies from University of Saskatchewan in 2004.


I moved from my previous position in sales & marketing management for a multinational company responsible for Manitoba/Saskatchewan to pursue my City Council campaign full time.

Quick Bio

I have lived in Winnipeg for most of my life and am proud to call Winnipeg home when I travel abroad. With my father's military and aviation background, I was fortunate to see the world and live in a number of other Canadian cities, observing and learning along the way. With my life experience, combined with a University degree in Political Studies, I will bring many of the successful ideas I have seen in other great cities back to St. Boniface.

I have taken this campaign on as my full time position, leaving behind my career in management and marketing in order to dedicate myself entirely to the people of St. Boniface. I am active in the community as the Peewee AAA baseball coach for Bonivital Baseball. I am currently enrolled in the St John's Ambulance Therapy Dog program and visits the dog park with my three dogs and girlfriend daily. I was proud to have worn the bison, representing Manitoba this past year at the National Classified Bowling Championship, bring home a silver medal.

Have you ever previously held elected office?


Have you ever been a member of any political party? If so, please name the party or parties.


Why are you running?

I have a deep and abiding passion for this city, its people, and its institutions. I have been raised to believe that public service is the highest calling, and that working to improve our community and society is an obligation for all those who are able. My father met his obligation to serve by flying a C130 Hercules in the Canadian Air Force. After obtaining my Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies, I worked in the private sector to gain valuable experience. Now that I have established myself, and learned many valuable life lessons, I'm ready to fulfill my obligation by working to improve St. Boniface specifically, and the City of Winnipeg as a whole.

What are the biggest issues facing your community?

I feel the past council has left a deficit in not just infrastructure, but a number of other areas both economic and social. The St Boniface ward suffers from over taxation and urban sprawl issues with a direct link to the infrastructure deficit and access issues to all St Boniface has to offer as a result.

The current taxation model is not working for St Boniface and Winnipeg. Rising costs coupled with expanded housing developments and lack of vision and preparation have led us to a crossroads. St Boniface has experienced a population boom with a potential for more to come. With the urban sprawl that has taken place in St Boniface, rising costs for roads and other infrastructure to connect these areas to the city has taken its' toll. The time is now to bring these areas closer together so that residents in the outlying areas of the ward have equal access to the amenities and services that residents closer to the core of the city experience. In addition, increased transit access and frequency are needed to bring people to all areas of the neighbourhood. St Boniface has a unique aura about it and it needs to be more accessible to not only people within its boundaries but so that residents of Winnipeg in all areas can experience what St Boniface has to offer. By connecting better to areas such as the Waterfront and Exchange District, St Boniface will increase traffic with businesses and the community growing as a result.

We also need to revitalize the ward and city as a whole. My comprehensive tax rebate plan encourages residents to invest in their properties in order to raise property values and encourage people to live in the well established areas of the city while also providing new home owners on the outer edges of the boundary an opportunity to improve their living situation and invest in real estate for the future. This plan can be seen in its entirety on my website,, and details how we can lower property taxes now while increasing the city's tax revenue base for the future and put millions back into the Winnipeg economy.

By addressing these most pressing issues, we can create a better St Boniface for people to live, work and play in and encourage more people to join us, whether for a day at a festival, a night out or a lifetime by moving into the neighbourhood.

Why are you the best candidate to represent your ward?

I am the best candidate for the people of St. Boniface because I am running to represent them, not any special interest group, and not any political party machine. I have a vision for the ward, and the city. Ideas matter. Policy matters. This is not a vanity campaign, but a campaign based on structured, thought-out ideas and how to make them work best for the people of St. Boniface. Artful rhetoric alone isn't enough to improve the quality of our lives. Neither is vision without being grounded in reason. I believe strongly in vision with reason, not rhetoric. My ideas are grounded in reality. They are pragmatic, possible, and not based on partisan dogma. My vision can be achieved, and if the people of St. Boniface elect me, I will work tirelessly to achieve it.

If elected, what would be the first thing you would do?

We know that the incoming City Council will look vastly different from the outgoing one. This will provide an excellent and rare opportunity to re-shape our civic governance. The past decade has seen City Hall plagued by scandal and impropriety.

I will work with the new Council to re-claim City Hall as a chamber of and for the people of Winnipeg. In order to regain the trust of the people, we need to re-establish a sense of transparency and accountability for our elected representatives and civic officials. My focus will be on establishing records of all debates and votes in Council, and making them publicly available online and in hard copy, as well as entirely searchable.

Tell us something about yourself that voters might find surprising.
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